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About Me

My name is Hope.


There’s something in a name. I suppose if I were to summarize

my style, it would be finding hope in the lives, the eyes, and the

way of being in my subjects.


I shoot reportage. (Well, and at times, dogs, birds, and goats.)

But I shoot people as they are. I see them as they show up:

unrehearsed, human, and very much like me… every one of them.

I suppose my gift is that I can see myself in others, striving to tell

my own story by telling theirs. I write titles and captions for many

of the portraits I take because I seek understanding. The word,

whether written or spoken, helps define why I shoot what I shoot.


So I hope you don’t mind a little prose or poetry, or the

occasional aureate alliterative allocution.  But I guarantee that

if you come to me—to shoot whatever project—I will always

aim to find the authentic soul of those whom I photograph, and

to tell their stories—or your story—honestly.






Tucker and Me, 2018 

Contact Me

500 LaGuardia Place

New York, NY 10012 

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